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Prospective Employers

Those who have eyes but refuse to see must be corrected.  Those who have no eyes to see but wish to make for themselves a place in the world - must be helped.  For them, it is a right to expect.  For those who can see, it is an obligation.

YOU as an EMPLOYER can help by fulfilling this obligation and giving the blind their birth right, a chance to strive to be equal. If every employer employs just one blind person, employment for the blind will cease to be a social problem, causing heartache to hundreds.


Benefits / Incentives for Employers

  1. Double deduction is given for remuneration (wages) paid to blind or other disabled workers under the Income Tax Act. (Deduction for the Employment of Disabled Persons Rules 1982).
  2. All purchases of assistive equipments for disabled persons are exempted from import duty and sales tax.
  3. 1% quota of jobs is reserved in the public sector for disabled persons.

Prospective employers who wish to discuss on employment possibilities or employ the visually impaired, please contact Job Placement Unit at Tel. No. 03-22722677 ext. 122, 175 and 173, or kindly complete and email or fax the Employment Data Form.

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