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MAB Outreach Care Programme

The idea of the MAB Outreach Care Programme is to utilize the available voluntary manpower resources as a means to reach out to the blind in order to meet their needs or provide them with services.  It is felt that through this programme, MAB could do the following: 

  • Tap the voluntary manpower resources in the community in a more effective and organized manner
  • Utilize voluntary manpower where it would not be so expedient to employ paid personnel
  • Promote awareness among the public regarding MAB and the blind
  • Reach out to more blind persons through the help of volunteers, thereby saving costs for MAB which would otherwise be incurred if paid personnel were employed
  • Develop voluntary manpower into a useful resource for the benefit of MAB and the blind

The objectives of this programme are as follows:

  • To augment and supplement the services being provided by MAB
  • To enable more blind persons to be served at minimal cost to MAB
  • To provide opportunities for the community at large to reach out to the blind
  • To organize activities that would enable the blind and the sighted to get to know one another better


  • A volunteer group will be set up under the MAB Outreach Care Programme.  The programme will serve not only the MAB Welfare Unit but other units and sections as well depending on the suitability of the volunteers
  • In order to enable the volunteers to establish closer links and to feel involved with MAB, a committee will be elected among the volunteers to help run the programme and organise activities
  • Blind persons are also welcome to register as volunteers if they are able and want to contribute to the programme by providing services or imparting knowledge and skills
  • An effort will be made to recognise volunteers and their services to MAB.

There will be two types of volunteers:

Long-Term Volunteers:

  • These will be volunteers who intend to serve MAB for at least one year and they should register with MAB by completing and faxing or emailing the Volunteer Application Form.

Short-Term Volunteers: 

  • These will be volunteers who are interested in providing services for just a short period of time or just for the immediate project or activity.  Examples of such volunteers will include inter-actors and school students.  These short-term volunteers do not need to fill in the application form.  

However, after having served for at least one year, they could register as long-term volunteers.


Kindly contact 03-22722677 ext. 121 if you would like further clarification or information on Outreach Care Programme.

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