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Monday, 12th September 2011

Hello Friends.

Here are 7 new announcements.

Announcement 1: MAB 60th Anniversary Celebrations

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of MAB, a number of programs have been planned. The first will be the MAB Open Day on Thursday, 29th September in Kompleks MAB and the launching of the anniversary celebrations at 10.00 am by the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Dato’ Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. The blind are welcome to attend the function. In the afternoon, members of the public including the blind will be able to take part in the karaoke singing performance.

Announcement 2: Best Blind Entrepreneur Awards

5 cash awards will be given to the best blind entrepreneurs in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of MAB. Interested blind entrepreneurs can obtain the application forms from the reception counter at Kompleks MAB. Closing date for returning the forms is Friday, 14th October. For more information, please contact the Job Placement Unit at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 122, 173 or 175.

Announcement 3: Rukun Tetangga Community Program

This will be on Sunday, 2nd October from 9.00 am – 4.00 pm at the Kompleks MAB. There will be free dental check up, medical check up and lunch. There will also be a fashion show and colour contest for the children. All the blind are invited to attend. Please register at the MAB stall in front of the guard house on that day.

Announcement 4: Ecopreneur Forum

This will be held on Tuesday, 20th September from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm at the Kompleks MAB. The objectives are to explore business opportunities in the green industries and the setting up of social enterprises. 20 blind persons are invited to attend the forum. Those interested, please contact Ms. Jacqueline at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 175.

Announcement 5: Tan Sri L. Krishnan Deepavali Party

This will be held at the St. John’s Institution Hall on Wednesday, 26th October starting 9.00 am. 50 or more blind persons are invited to attend. Please contact Pn. Jamilah at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 173.

Announcement 6: Mandarin Sing Along Update

This has been postponed to Friday, 16th September, 10.00 am at the Elderly Blind Centre. Registration fee is RM2.00 to pay for the popia from the cafeteria. Please register with Mr. Lai Kok Keong at tel. 03 2274 2576.

Announcement 7: Book Recommendation

A World Lit Only By Fire by William Manchester.
This book shows how Europe in the dark ages A.D. 400 – 1,000 emerged into the age of rebirth in the 16th century. It provides interesting insights regarding the mystery, heroism, superstition and cruelty of the age although Christianity was the new religion.

It also shows how Magellan became the first man to sail round the world, discovering Cape Horn in South America and then the Philippines and how his foolish decision caused him to die as a brave fighter before being recognised by the world.

That’s all for this week. Thank You.

Best regards,
Mr. Godfrey Ooi.



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