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Monday, 3rd October 2011

Hello Friends.

Here are 4 new announcements and 4 old announcements.

Announcement 1: MAB 60th Anniversary Celebrations

The next 2 event will be the treasure hunt to Gambang Resort in Pahang on Saturday, 8th October and the charity musical show on Saturday, 29th October at the Dewan Datuk Dr. Ismail Salleh (MAB Hall) in Kompleks MAB. The charity show is a collaboration project between MAB and MARA Banting University. The blind from MAB and sighted students from MARA Banting University will be performing. Tickets are available at RM30.00 each. Please contact Mr. Godfrey Ooi at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 127.

Announcement 2: KL Tower Climbathon

This is another event to celebrate MAB 60th anniversary and this will be on Saturday, 12th November. 60 blind persons are expected to take part. Those interested, please get the registration form from the reception counter. No fee will be charged. For more details, please contact Pn. Hadisah at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 120.

Announcement 3: Blind Masseurs Meeting

The blind masseurs would like to have a meeting on Tuesday, 18th October, 10.00 am at the Block B, Committee Meeting Room. Please register with Mr. Subra at tel. 03 2272 2677.

Announcement 4: Outreach Care Service

The objective of this program is try to meet the personal needs of the blind through assistants from volunteers. You need to inform what service is needed and when. The coordinator also needs at least 2 weeks to identify the suitable volunteer. Those interested, please contact En. Mokhtar Soon at tel. 03 5517 0814 or 013 340 9848.

Announcement 5: Best Blind Entrepreneur Awards

5 cash awards will be given to the best blind entrepreneurs in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of MAB. Interested blind entrepreneurs can obtain the application forms from the MAB reception counter. Closing date for returning the forms is Friday, 14th October. For more information, please contact the Job Placement Unit at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 122, 173 or 175.

Announcement 6: Recipe Books in Braille

The MAB Library has produced 29 recipe books in braille. The books will be placed in the library but copies are available for sale. Those interested, please contact Pn. Zuraidah at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 150.

Announcement 7: SBM KL/Selangor Ping-Pong Competition

This has been postponed to 8 & 9 October at the Kompleks MAB. For registration and details, please contact En. Isa Taib at tel. 013 364 1557. Closing date is 7th October.

Announcement 8: YMCA Trip to Tanjung Sepat

This will be on Sunday, 16th October. Departure at 8.00 am and arrive back in KL at 6.30 pm. Those interested, please contact Ms. Gimmie Lai at tel. 03 2274 2349.

That’s all for this week. Thank You.

Best regards,
Mr. Godfrey Ooi.



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