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Tuesday, 18th October 2011

Hello Friends.

Here are 5 new announcements and 1 old announcement.

Announcement 1: ICT Day and Job Carnival Update

This will be on Tuesday, 1st November from 9.00 am – 6.00 pm at the Kompleks MAB. The event will be launched by Minister of Higher Education at 9.30 am and there will be an exhibition of technology devices for the blind, job registration by the employment agency and changing of the OKU card by JKM. All the blind are invited to the event at anytime of the day. For details, please contact En. Silatul Rahim or Ms. Jacqueline at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 144 or 175 respectively.

Announcement 2: KL Tower Climbathon Update

This will be on Saturday, 12th November. Registration is still open. 60 blind persons are expected to take part symbolizing the 60th anniversary of MAB. To avoid disappointment, please register early. First training session will be on Saturday, 29th October. T-shirt and lunch will be provided for the event. For details, please contact Pn. Hadisah at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 120.

Announcement 3: Duskin Leadership Training Program in Japan

Applications are open to the blind from 20 – 29 years old. The course will last for 10 months. For the application form, please contact Pn. Nurfarah at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 187.

Announcement 4: For KL Residents Between 21 and 75 Years Old

If you are a registered voter in Kuala Lumpur and if you can prove it by attaching your utility bills plus RM5.00, you can apply for financial assistant up to RM2,500.00. However, this money will only go to your beneficiary when you pass away. Please contact Pn. Nurfarah at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 187 for the application form.

Announcement 5: New Year Eve Dinner by PKBOKUKL

Persatuan Kebajikan Bekerja Sendiri Orang-Orang Cacat Penglihatan (PKBOKUKL) will be holding a new year eve dinner on Saturday, 31st December at the MAB Cafeteria. Registration fee is RM10.00 for members and RM15.00 for non members. For more details, please contact En. Fadzil Abdullah at tel. 010 420 8030.

Announcement 6: Outreach Care Service

The objective of this program is try to meet the personal needs of the blind through assistants from volunteers. You need to inform what service is needed and when. The coordinator also needs at least 2 weeks to identify the suitable volunteer. Those interested, please contact En. Mokhtar Soon at tel. 03 5517 0814 or 013 340 9848.

Announcement 7: English Audio Book

Here are 5 new English audio books in the MAB Library. The titles are:-

  1. The Man Born to be King by Dorothy L. Sayers.
  2. Four Blind Mice by James Patterson.
  3. Death in a Distant Land by Nancy Livingston.
  4. Brian Gulliver’s Travel by Brian Gulliver.
  5. Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon.

That’s all for this week. Thank You.

Best regards,
Mr. Godfrey Ooi.



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