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Tuesday, 8th November 2011

Hello Friends.

Here are 3 new announcements and 3 old announcements.

Announcement 1: KL Tower Climbathon Update

All those who have registered should be at the Kompleks MAB by 7.45 am on Saturday, 12th November. The bus will be leaving for KL Tower at 8.00 am. More than 60 people have registered for the climb.

Announcement 2: Taman Harapan Open Day

This will be held on Thursday, 17th November at 10.00 am in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of MAB. Blind persons who are interested to go to Taman Harapan in Temerloh, Pahang for the celebration should give your names to Pn. Zuraidah at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 150.

Announcement 3: Dinner In Conjunction With Disabled Day Update

Persatuan Sukan Orang Buta Kuala Lumpur (PESROB) formerly KRSCAP will be holding the dinner at the Kompleks MAB on Saturday, 17th December. The registration fee is RM25.00 for members and RM35.00 for non members. For more details, please contact Pn. Norhazira at tel. 012 294 5899.

Announcement 4: Young KL Singers Show

This will be on Saturday, 12th November, 3.00 pm at the Actors Studio, Lot 10, Bukit Bintang. Only 12 tickets are available. Those interested, please contact Mr. Godfrey Ooi at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 127.

Announcement 5: Line Dancing

Blind persons are invited to register for the line dancing program. It will be held every Thursday evening starting 7.00 pm at the MAB Hall. Ms. Jenny Chan is the line dancing teacher. Please give your names to Mr. Yeoh Kok Soon at tel. 012 321 5160.

Announcement 6: MCR Nation Disabled Dance and Singing Competition

This will be on Saturday, 26th November at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. The dance competition will be from 9.00 am – 1.00 pm with cash prizes of RM1,500.00, RM1,000.00 and RM700.00 respectively. While the singing competition will be from 2.30 pm – 6.30 pm with cash prizes of RM1,000.00, RM500.00 and RM300.00 respectively. Those interested, please contact Ms. Sia Siew Chen at tel. 03 7873 6579 or 019 219 8440.

Announcement 7: BM Audio Book

Here are 5 new BM audio books in the MAB Library. The titles are:-

  1. Tangisan Berdarah by Hasrudi Jawawi.
  2. Pengorbanan Ayah by Mohd Khusairi Ahmad.
  3. Kasih Bila Cinta by Haiza.
  4. Cerita-Cerita Motivasi Untuk Hidup Tenteram by Iskandar Ali Mohd Najib.
  5. Sahabat Setia by Kusairi Ahmad.

That’s all for this week. Thank You.

Best regards,
Mr. Godfrey Ooi.



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