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Tuesday, 29th November 2011

Hello Friends.

Here are 3 new announcements and 2 old announcements.

Announcement 1: Elderly Blind Gathering and Auction Sale Update

This will be on Saturday, 10th December, 10.30 am at the MAB Hall. The fee is RM4.00 for members and RM5.00 for non-members. Please register with Ms. Rani at tel. 016 685 4837. Before the gathering, there will be domino games at the Elderly Blind Centre starting 9.30 am. Please register with En. Taslim at tel. 013 340 3006. If you have anything to offer for sale at the auction, please contact En. Taslim.

Announcement 2: Mandarin Sing Along

This will be on Monday, 2nd January 2012 from 10.00 am – 1.00 pm at the Elderly Blind Centre. The fee is RM2.00 only. Please register with Mr. Lai Kok Keong at tel. 03 2274 2576.

Announcement 3: Tahfiz Al-Quran Certification Program for the Blind

This program will be held at Darul Quran, Kuala Kubu Baru in January 2012. It is open to SPM school leavers who are below 30 years of age. The application form can be obtain from Sekolah Pendidikan Khas and Pertis. Closing date is 16th December. For further information, please contact Ustazah Nazariah at tel. 017 773 5518.

Announcement 4: MAB 60th Anniversary Charity Dinner

This will be on Tuesday, 13th December at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel. Tables are being sold at RM3,000.00, RM5,000.00 and RM10,000.00. We would be grateful if you could get sponsors to support the dinner. Please contact Mr. Ramdas at tel. 03 2272 2677 extension 129.

Announcement 5: Persatuan Kebajikan Bekerja Sendiri (PKB) New Year Eve Dinner and Ping-Pong Competition

The dinner will be on Saturday, 31st December, 8.00 pm at the Kompleks MAB. The fee is RM10.00. To register, please contact En. Fadzil Abdullah at tel. 010 420 8030.

The ping-pong competition will be on Friday - Saturday, 30 - 31 December at the Kompleks MAB. There will be 3 categories – man & woman singles and man doubles. The fee for doubles is RM10.00 and for singles is RM5.00. Closing date is 14th December. Please contact En. Aziz Shariff at tel. 012 340 7692.

Announcement 6: BM Braille Book

Here are 5 new BM braille books in the MAB Library. The titles are:-

  1. Kiranya Kau Berbohong by Maizura Mohd Edrus.
  2. Bebayang Ungu by Abd. Talib Hassan.
  3. Arvayuna by Riannawati.
  4. Cinta Semalam by Abd. Talib Hassan.
  5. Dosamu Pasti Diampuni by Imam Al-Qabuni & Ibnu Rajab Al-Hanbali.


That’s all for this week. Thank You.

Best regards,
Mr. Godfrey Ooi.




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